Eating lunch with one hand?!

Fast food for break fast. Fast food for lunch. And this really was fast food. I was in the store for 3 minutes tops, that was even during lunch time (props for efficiency).

It’s supposed to be bad for you. I know it’s bad for me. But what can I do? I have to eat but I don’t have the luxury of waiting about 30 minutes for my food to be prepared and cooked properly.

Fastfoods appeal to us since we live in a fast-paced world right now. I make reports that have to dig deep into a potential client’s character, capacity, capital, collateral, and condition (the age old 5 c’s of credit) and am expected to bang the report out in at least 2-3 days. Don’t get me started about how these clients demand the approval of their loans from the marketing units.

Thus fast food restaurants (especially those that sell fares that one can eat with one hand) are very viable. In the Philippines the most popular are McDonald’s (Ray Kroc’s multinational legacy) and Jollibee (Tony Tan Caktiong’s conglomorate that some say is the Filipino version of McDonald’s). Yep, we love them burgers.

What I’m eating now for lunch is Jollibee’s hash brown burger. A burger pattie sandwiched between 2 pieces of baked (mind you) hash browns and cheese. It’s bit salty and oily (dreading the saturated fat counter). But it’s filling, and it was given to me fast.

You’re not you when you’re hungry, as the Snickers tag line goes. So for the sake of filling our stomachs with food, we now prefer scrunched burgers over plated hot food. But right now I have to finish my “burger” and get back to work.

(Pardon the position of the picture, still not good at writing here with my BlackBerry)

Peace 😉


I see buildings

My week-long hiatus from work is over. I am back here in front of my office computer, once again performing my duties as an employee of one of the largest banks in the Philippines.

I got to see the buildings dotting the skyline of the major financial district in this country. I once again experienced the traffic that I have to endure everyday going to work. I get to be with my officemates again. Bottomline, vacation’s over and it’s back to reality.

A week of taking care of my cute Dachshund, doing household chores, late night romps with friends not yet subjected to the “rat race” (yep).

But hey, I don’t feel that bad. I can still do something with my blog and view it. I got my BlackBerry to thank for that (and a relatively cheap unlimited data plan). I’m gonna get to see the awesome mall near the office. Hell, I’ll get to sample different food here.

Going back to work is not so bad after all. Oh yeah, I got lots of backlog to finish. Sigh.

Peace 😉