What’s changed after more than two years

The last time I posted on this personal blog was in January 7, 2013. I recently revisited all my entries and can’t help but smile. I realized how much has changed and how some have not.

I am still a Lakers fan and they’ve still been really bad. I am also still a very big Yankees fan and was fortunate enough to get to watch a game live in Yankee stadium just a few months after I wrote my last post in 2013. Yes, I was able to fly to NYC and got to spend 1 month working in wall street. I’m still in that company, and insurance company, but I’ve since transferred to a different team and is now a team leader (so I guess I’m still loyal?). Because of that I now have the luxury to buy at least one Starbucks drink per day. There is one store where I’m there so often that a barista will just ask me what size I’ll be getting and they’ll already prepare my drink, an Americano. Yes, I’ve changed my default drink. It’s not a latte with one pack of sugar anymore. It’s an Americano with no sweetener, as black as my soul.


Oh yeah. I still love Starbucks but the coffee scene here in the Philippines has really blown up. When I just need a quick caffeine fix, I go to Starbucks. When I want to just chill, I’d probably be in Toby’s Estate or Satchmi store.

If you recognize this picture, then you know my main blog. Hello :)

If you recognize this picture, then you know my main blog. Hello 🙂

I’m not mad at young parents anymore, just a little irked maybe. That former colleague that got pregnant young is now an awesome mom to an awesome kid who’ll be spending her birthday next week. The Philippine government still sucks. ‘Nuff said.

I still don’t like to travel just for the sake of travelling. I’d much rather go around Metro Manila which has been booming as ever. BGC is way bigger than it was in 01/07/13! The only time I’ve been out of the Philippines was when I went to NYC and that was paid for by the company. I fully enjoyed my time there because I’m a guy who really loves staring at buildings and NYC has a lot of them!


The Queensboro Bridge, going from Queens to Manhattan!

I had an old entry where I was ranting about my old work sacrificing quality for quantity. This seems funny and sad to me since I’m also starting to feel this in my current work but now I have to impose it being the team leader. But I will not succumb to the corporate machine!

I also posted on January 06, 2013 that I planned to put up two more blogs that year. I wasn’t able to do it because I became so busy with work. I also decided not to continue my MBA studies, but mostly this was because the school was so backdated that I felt it wasn’t worth it. I mean you’ll be asked to present your case study on manila papers you’ll be taping to the board! It’s the 2010’s and they still want us to do this! How the heck will that help me in the outside world?! So yeah I got to be a team leader without needing an advanced degree, just hard work.

But back to blogs. I was, however, able to put up a food blog and post my first entry there on August 30, 2014. It’s a food blog and I post once every week. I’m glad to say that in barely a year the blog already has 7,000 views. I also established two more blogs early 2015 and are my new babies.

I don’t want to make this post any longer. It was nice revisiting this old blog.

As always, peace 😉


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