Testing one’s Loyalty


734936_564930960202099_1800640581_nMy beloved Lakers, as of the date of this posting, are on a funk.


I just watched them go down to the Denver Nuggets (with no actual superstar, maybe Andre Iguodala) 112 to 105, at home. Even with a monster 20-20 game from Dwight.


But you know what, they’re still my team. No matter what happens, I’m still a Laker fan. I’d like to say that I have been since I was a kid, but no. During the 90’s I was a Bulls kid. Guess that what you call growing-up, loyalty comes in the package.


So does that mean that if you’re not loyal, you’re not yet grown-up? I have mo definite idea.


Look at the generations that came before us. People are retiring from companies they have been in since they graduated from college (or to some, since they had to work because they could not afford to attend college). Some of these people retired from that company without even becoming a supervisor. Loyalty, right there. But in one of those many network marketing (networking) sessions I have attended, one speaker brought another light to this scenario. He was a guy whose family owned one of the premiere department store/groceries here in the Philippines (think Nordstrom in the Philippine setting) and he was stating it to stress a point that we should all just leave our jobs and go into networking (yeah, right). He was alluding to their company’s recent awarding of loyalty awards to employees. There was one who had been with them for 30 years, and what did she get? Some cash and a damn watch. She spent her life serving their company, making them richer, and all they gave her for her loyalty was cash and a watch. Loyalty rewards.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the fastest growing industry in the Philippines, well according to my opinion at least (I work for a BPO company). It has helped corporations in the USA and Europe to keep themselves stable by cutting down on some expenses (particularly salaries). It has given Filipinos high consumable income (in the Philippines at least). It has also fueled the real estate boom in this country. The turnover rate for employees of these companies are also very high especially in the call centers. And it’s greatly accepted that some offer retirement benefits in as short as 10 or even 5 years. Here loyalty is not the mantra, but rather the money. I swear during the 4 years i stayed with my previous work (a local bank) people always told me that I was with that company a very long time. What loyalty?


I’m loyal to my sports teams. The Lakers, the Yankees, the Steelers, The Talk n’ Text Tropang texters, and the San Beda Red Lions. But what do I get from them really? Will they give me some cash and a watch? Will they give me a high salary? No, they just give me elation when they win.


Is loyalty just overrated nowadays? Or is it still a regal thing to do? All I know is that I’ll keep rooting for the Lakers this season and only stop if on the way to the championship they’ll get eliminated.

Peace 😉










We omit level 13 in every building, should we just skip 2013 and go ahead with 2014?


It’s the year 2013, and if you’re reading this then congratulations! You’ve survived 12.21.12, the supposed end of days.


Anyone heard the radio edit of Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child (featuring John Martin)? With the lyrics “Don’t you worry, worry child. See heaven’s got a plan for you.”, yeah listening to it right now.


I have plenty of things planned for 2013. I plan to start two more blogs. I plan to visit relatives in a far-flung province here in the Philippines. If I don’t get a raise (or a promotion), I plan to work for another (more closer) company. Many things.



2012 has shown me just how much I have been holding back all these years. It has also humbled me countless times. 2012 has also shown me that there are a lot more places to have a good time near home, cheaper too. It has once again inculcated the importance of resting.

A lot of things is definitely uncertain this coming year (heck, guess I was expecting the world to end in 2012 and didn’t plan much for 2013) but like that song, no worries. It has all been planned ahead for me. You too. Happy new year.




Peace 😉

Oh, yeah here in the Philippines you won’t find any building with a 13th floor. It’s either skipped (after 12 is 14) or 12A-12B. Is it 2014 already?