You CAN’T find me in da club

I do not fully enjoy clubbing.

Oh I drink alright. Give me anything, I’ll drink it. Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Beer (well not so much anymore), even alcomixes straight from a bottle! But I just don’t get clubs.

I ordered one bottle of beer, a San Miguel Light (popular here sunny Philippines), and had to pay 152 pesos for the one damn bottle. This only sells at about 30 pesos a bottle in regular stores or in a grocery! For those that cannot fully appreciate it, let me convert to dollars. 30 pesos, is not even a dollar yet. 152 pesos is more-or-less $3.5. See the difference? We also bought a bottle of Jim Beam White for about 3,000 pesos ($65 dollars or more), a pitcher of Coke for about 200 pesos ($4). Jim Beam is only about 1,500 pesos, maybe less and a friggin’ bottle of coke is only 40 pesos.

I like to listen to music, dance, but club music. Blaring, mixed to the core. Okay, I don’t care about the music in clubs. It’s one of the things I actually do like about them.

I’m sure the interior of the bar was very beautiful, well designed. But I couldn’t really see it. It was so dark. Why do these places charge so much, when they cannot even turn half of their lights on?

And I get why people prefer to stand around, and get next to each other super close. Because aside from the booze and the music, most people go to bars to get laid. Well, to meet someone. I guess I don’t enjoy clubs much because I don’t need to find anyone anymore. I’m already happy and content.

So, what’s a guy to do when his office mates carry him to the club? Drink the booze, sit down, and watch people at play. Two girls dancing in the bar then all of a sudden this dude grinds behind one of them and they end up dancing together (reminds me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother actually, yeah remember that time Barney was grinding with this girl in a club and it turned out to be his cousin? Yeah, that was Legen… Wait for it… Dary!), a guy and girl bump into each other and they spend the whole time dancing within each other’s arms as if they were childhood sweethearts. Yeah, I was just content drinking my whiskey with soda and ice.

I enjoy drinking, but in a bar or a “watering hole” where you just drink, eat bar food, listen to music, and you virtually stay seated. That’s perfect for me.

But you know what, seeing the money that people just let fly inside them clubs, I’m actually thinking that is a lucrative business venture. Maybe I’ll own one someday. Who knows?

Again, I do not own the picture.

Peace 😉


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