My love affair with a mermaid


After several months hiatus from blog, I am finally able to post a new entry in my blog. Working evenings really took a lot from me physically the first couple of months and I found myself just wanting to sleep whenever I got home. Also, I have once again rekindled my love for Starbucks coffee.


We have free coffee at the workplace. You can get as many as you want, need, or allowed to by your doctor. Thing is, it’s really not good and strong coffee. I get caffeine alright, but it doesn’t taste good. So one faithful day (or night to be exact) I passed by a Starbucks on my way to work. I think to myself, “Hey, why not? I work pretty hard, I deserve a treat. Plus, I need a good coffee fix.” And so I find myself ordering my favorite basic espresso drink, a tall latte with 1 pack of brown sugar. I pay for the drink, wait for it at the bar, small talk with the barista, and get that steaming drink on their signature, white to go cup.


I take sips of my latte as I was walking to the bus stop which I would ride to Alabang and immediately feel warm and contented. I realized how much I missed that drink of steaming milk with an espresso dropped into it. I intended to take the drink all the way to work, but it was so good that I finished it in the bus, halfway to my destination. I was energized when I got to work, didn’t even approach the free coffee machine.


I always get crass comments from people about why I would pay a heaping amount for just coffee and milk. But to me, it’s worth it. It’s also a very comfy place, well most of them.   It’s a place where you can relax after a busy day, to while away the time, a good meeting place, rekindle old-time friendships, do some reading, write. The short talk I had with the barista, I found someone who felt for me and my very long commute to work. And please, those that they say they prefer Seattle’s best (just to be different)! It’s a subsidiary of Starbucks people! It’s basically the same!


The Starbucks that are heaping with people, those stores I do not like. Two immediately come in mind, the one along Ayala Avenue (Security Bank building) and the one located in Smart Araneta Coliseum. The former I dislike because it is basically a venue for networking (which in my first post in this blog, I do not condone). My favorite spots are: Molito Complex (Alabang), Glorietta 5, Greenbelt 1, Dela Rosa Avenue (Makati), and Robinson’s Galleria Veranda. Especially the one in Molito, I really find that one relaxing.



Also, I’m not sure it this is only in the Philippines, every Christmas time is a good time to buy drinks from Starbucks. That because they have the limited edition planner promo. They give you a card where stickers would be, well, sticked. Each drink equals one sticker. Half are for the basic drinks (my latte included, yes), and half are for their Special “Christmas Blends”. This year they are the past favorites, Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and my favorite the Dark Cherry Mocha. Once the card is full of stickers, you exchange it for your planner which comes in three different colors this year namely black, white, and light green. I’m eyeing the black one. A total of 17 stickers are needed this year. Nice huh?


Again, people tell me, why would you buy expensive coffee just to get a planner? You can get one cheaper in a bookstore or you can use your damn blackberry! I want it, okay. I want my planner to have the Starbucks name on it, and it doesn’t emit harmful rays like my blackberry.

I’m not saying I can afford Starbucks coffee everyday. But every once in a while, to comfort myself or as a reward, is good. Sort-of. In any case, green mermaid and the coffee named after a character in Moby Dick will always hold a special place in my heart










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