Real life movie scenes


Or, things that happen to you in a day that you thought could only happen in a movie, or something in TV.

You ever see a scene where a group (like in a big concert crowd) all raucous and excited, very noisy, all of a sudden shuts-up in unison because of shock? Here’s my story.

I was still a kid back then and a member of a huge community called Youth for Christ (the Philippines is a predominantly Christian country by the way) and we were all gathered for a conference. Hundred of teens, high in excitement, and then we’re told that Gary V. was the night’s very special guest. Now Gary V. (or Gary Valenciano) is a big star here. Many popular songs, great performer, and very vocal about his religious beliefs (see why he was the special guest?). Some of his best songs have religious themes.

We get very elated and wait for the night’s festivities to come. A cancer survivor girl belts out some inspirational songs with her still powerful voice. We applaud her but still a frenzy awaiting the very special guest to come to stage is creeping among the ranks. Then the girl goes:

(these were based from what I remember of the time)

“Okay YFC! Are you ready for the next singer?”

(We think it must be Gary V.) (shouts)

“He is a very talented singer!”

(Gary V.’s one hell of singer) (louder shouts)

“He is very religious like all of you!”

(He is definitely religious! It must really be Gary V.) (ground-shaking screams)

“Everybody! Put your hands up for -”

(livid teenagers)

“PIPO LINA!” (no diss on the guy, but…)

Silence. Utter silence. I swear to God, it lasted for at least 5 seconds. Shock. We didn’t know that one. To this day what happened then still gets us to a laughing fit. In the end we got to watch Gary V. live.

Fast forward to a more recent event.

I was stuck waiting for a bus to come. Traffic was held up because of a mass meeting of one of the largest and influential religious groups (Yes, we have a lot of those here in the Philippines) and a lot of us were already irate. Consider this, we were all tired from work and we have been standing close to an hour just waiting for a bus to come.

The streets were relatively devoid of vehicles, just a passing car from someone who actually does not care about the high prices of oil in this country. But then a scooter with two people riding (a guy driving, a girl holding on to him for dear life) traverses the road.

With the popularity of motorcycles and scooter here in the Philippines, some have an actual proper sound system installed. This particular scooter was one example.

As the duo, moving very cautiously despite the relatively open road, was about to pass us group of stranded commuters, the driver decides to crank the volume on his sound system. It was also in time for the start of a new song and it blares out Marry Your Daughter by the McKnights. The way the girl was holding on to her guy, the slow speed of their ride, and the fact that nothing else can be seen on the road drew our utmost attention to the two. It was like watching a TV commercial for a scooter. That lessened our burden during that night.

Or when I was as senior in High School. During a trip for our CAT class (military training, a requirement here in the Philippines). We were playing paintball clad in our military inspired uniforms. We were in our base, and our company’s CO was giving orders to me and some other cadets. Then, boom! (or more like splat!). A thick, pink (yep not even red) liquid covers the left side of his face. That was Saving Private Ryan-esque. One minute he was barking out orders, the next he’s gone (to the holding zone for those “killed” in battle).

Those events may sound corny to some but they really entertained me. A break from the everyday rigors of life.

(Again, I do not own the picture in this post).

Peace 😉


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