I see buildings

My week-long hiatus from work is over. I am back here in front of my office computer, once again performing my duties as an employee of one of the largest banks in the Philippines.

I got to see the buildings dotting the skyline of the major financial district in this country. I once again experienced the traffic that I have to endure everyday going to work. I get to be with my officemates again. Bottomline, vacation’s over and it’s back to reality.

A week of taking care of my cute Dachshund, doing household chores, late night romps with friends not yet subjected to the “rat race” (yep).

But hey, I don’t feel that bad. I can still do something with my blog and view it. I got my BlackBerry to thank for that (and a relatively cheap unlimited data plan). I’m gonna get to see the awesome mall near the office. Hell, I’ll get to sample different food here.

Going back to work is not so bad after all. Oh yeah, I got lots of backlog to finish. Sigh.

Peace 😉


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