Avenged the yesteryears

I haven’t seen the Avengers, the blockbuster movie of 2012 so far (or so I’ve heard).

Almost everyone I know has watched it. All of them say it’s good (except one dude who said he didn’t like it because the story rotated around Tony Stark/Iron Man too much. Yeah, this was the same dude who absolutely loved Green Lantern). It has a certified fresh rating from http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/marvels_the_avengers/ which means it is a damn good movie.

The trailer is nice:

I probably will try to catch the movie when all the buzz is gone (cheaper tickets, fewer people in the theatre, free sitting, watch it over and over, yeah), and like it. But did you know that a TV Movie with the same title was made way back in 1978? Enjoy:

Now that was bad ass. The characters are relatively the same, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, hell even Loki was in there but the cool part of it was that Loki used Kiss to be the Avengers’ main enemy. Nice.

There were some striking differences. Captain America’s shield was a crappy plexiglass disk, Loki was dressed as a gay demon all red, Hawk Eye was an old fart, Black Widow didn’t look quite as hot with Scar-Jo now giving life to the character, The Incredible Hulk was actually a man (Lou Feriggno) with bulging muscles, and Iron Man was a walking coffin (now that sucked).

We may laugh but that was already a high budget, state-of-the art production of their time. The current version looks so good to us but must appear very funny for generations to come. Remember, before the Blade Movies (starring Wesley Snipes) movie adaptations of comic book characters were so awful that we actually accepted batman to have his suit with protruding nipples. Jurassic park looked so visually appealing that it was critically acclaimed but when you watch it again now and it looks like a B-rated sci-fi movie.

Enjoy the Avengers or any other movies that have nice visual effects and enjoy it. You never know when your descendants years from now will actually be laughing about it. (I do not own the videos, Peace ;))


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