My special day

I was watching the Da Vinci Code for about the Fourth time (I think), just passed through it while surfing channels (I have read the book twice) and the scene where Langdon was explaining to Sophie what the Priory of Scion was protecting got my attention an intrigue. The part where hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and killed throughout France during October 13, 1307, a Friday. Of course Sophie immediately alluded to the famed “Friday the 13th” legend. When I saw this, I immediately Googled the date “October 13” and found out that a lot of things happened during this day, just on different years. On a whim I also made a search of my Birthday, December 27.

Of course a lot of events happened during this date like the assasination of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007, the death of Gustave Eiffel (the iconic Eiffel tower) in 1923, and the establishment of the World Bank (consequently I work for a bank, hmm) in 1945. But the specific date I was interested in is the exact date of my birth, 1985.

Through this site and I found out that on my Birthday a group of Abu Nidal terrorists opened fire in the airports of Rome and Vienna killing 18 and inuring 120, and Dian Fossey (an American Naturalist) was found murdered in Rwanda.

Dian Fossey

I share the same birthday with 3 athletes: Logan Bailly, a Belgian Goal Keeper who plays for the Belgian club Genk (my favorite football player is Iker Casillas of Spain, Goal Keeper);

Logan Bailly

Jerome d’ Ambrosio a Belgian (Belgians, really?) F1 driver who is a test driver of the Lotus F1 Team (I used to be a big F1 buff);

Jerome d’Ambrosio

and Paul Stastny an NHL Center for the Colorado Avalanche (I used to love NHL when the New Jersey Devils were making their championship runs back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s).

Paul Stastny

Dwight Howard, my favorite NBA Player was born December 8, 1985, just missed it.

And when I was born, Harry Hopman (Australian Tennis Player and the man who the Hopman Cup was named after) died of a heart attack.

Harry Hopman

Who knows, maybe someday this I could factor in a search of that specific date.

((I do not own the video or any of the pictures. Peace ;))


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