My Mediocre Post

Do we actually celebrate mediocrity?

Think about these. We hold people who use unfamiliar English words without actually trying to know what that word means and if it was used in the correct context. We celebrate when a peer speaks using the English language even though the statement was grammatically incorrect. We regard our basketball players too highly but the level of play here is only good for # 45 in the world, not even the best in Asia. The best basketball players in the baranggay is regarded as a pseudo-god without reconsidering that the man didn’t even make it to a good college team. Droning about with a system that is so outdated among other groups in the same industry and just accepting it as it is and taking pride doing it. Taking pride in a football team that is # 148 in the world just because they look good and have foreign blood (seriously, a national team that loses to an MLS team? I don’t care if that was the Champion team of the MLS, it was still an MLS team. 5-0?! What if they go up against Barcelona? 1,000-0?!). Electing popular figures as politicians even though these do not know jack about politics (we do get lucky sometimes, but come on!).

I could go on and on. Some may argue that those were not actual examples of mediocrity. Maybe they aren’t. But my point to all those is; “We get comfortable doing things that pervade among the group that we do not seek to go above it. Sadly, if the norm that everyone accepts as normal is bordering on mediocrity then the group is screwed”.

I’m not washing my hands. I am also guilty of this. And only daydream (or post a blog entry) about actually doing something about it. I just think that maybe this is the hindrance for our nation to be great. We accept what we have rather than think of ways to better ourselves such as the great nations of USA, Japan, and even China.

I remember an instance when I had a small informal debate with an officemate regarding the cliché “lahat ng sobra ay masama” (everything exploited is detrimental, or anything in excess is bad). I know it was supposed to mean take a break sometimes, hold-back a little, don’t be blinded by success of greed, etc. But I actually believe that the saying has become an excuse for people to hinder themselves from exploring more venues to improve themselves and their surroundings.

Maybe the opening question in this post was too subjective. Do we celebrate mediocrity? Do we just make do with what we have, what we are physically capable of? Is this blog becoming too preachy? Peace 😉


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