The great trash bin

I was cleaning the canal in front of our house today and picked up an assortment of leaves, twigs, pebbles, junk food wrappers, candy wrappers, and yes even a broken flip-flop. This same canal was cleaned yesterday and yet it is once again full of junk today.

I know the problem here in our village, there are no visible trash cans in the streets where one can put his/her trash. What we do have an abundance of are canals and you bet that all these are full of trash. It’s just not there to prevent quick flooding (believe me, in this village it does not) it also serves as the public trash system.

Okay, I was exaggerating a bit, there are some houses that have trash cans in front of their houses. But consider this; there is this sense that pervades among us that throwing trash in another man’s trash can is a sign of disrespect. Also, if someone throws their trash at me then he/she did something to me that’s the equivalent of the raised middle finger.

Could this be the cause of rampant flooding problems? In Cainta alone, every rainy season we are at risk of countless flooding from the irritating foot soakers to the life-threatening ones like Ondoy. And the problem? Well here in our village our sewer system is full of shit. Shit people throw in the canals and well actual shit from dogs, cats, or even human feces. If it rains hard for an hour, rats be swimming. But look around, creeks and riversides are dotted with informal settlers. And they are there for a reason. You expect these people to be pro-active with helping the environment and what-not? Hell no! The creeks and rivers are their rest rooms and trash bins. The result of all these? A major storm comes thru Cainta and we become water world.

So is it the lack of trash bins provided, lacking of education about the situation, or we just don’t care? Maybe all these, but who am I really to be pointing all these out? I have been guilty of throwing something anywhere sometimes. But consider this, if I somehow sneeze while walking and mucus drips down my nose and I wipe it with a tissue paper that miraculously I just so happened to be carrying, what will I do with that piece of tissue paper? Do I pocket it and throw it at my house’ trash bin? (This could take some more minutes of walking) Or do I discard it as soon as possible but without any trash bins visible, then I just throw it at the nearest canal? Or, do I summon a trash bin out of thin air with my awesome mind powers? Y’all tell me. Peace. 😉


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