I accompanied my mom to the airport today. The cab we got from Cainta to NAIA Terminal 3 was good enough. Barring the frustrating traffic jam in Ortigas Ave (the area near Ever Gotesco Ortigas Complex), the ride was smooth enough, and we had no qualms about the driver.

There’s bound to be a problem here right? Here we go. I was walking outside the airport, and has just decided to ride a taxi up to EDSA MRT Taft Station. I didn’t ride the airport taxis coz, well, they’re expensive. Figured the taxis traversing the roads outside would be more economical.

I was walking and found a group of taxis parked just outside the terminal’s access road. I approached them. All their eyes were on me, I was a guy who just came out of the airport after all. (Cha-Ching!). As i got closer one of them piped in “San ka sir?” (Where are you headed to sir?). I answered “EDSA MRT”. One of them, an old man wearing a black shirt, black shorts, and flip-flops (not exactly what a taxi driver should be wearing) approached me and pointed at his taxi. We walked to it together and just as he was to open the door for me, he whispers to me “Sir, 2 hundred lang sir ah” (Sir, you pay me 200 pesos). No taxi-meter and 200 hundred for such a short trip, what we Filipinos call “kontrata”. Good thing he told it to me before I actually got on the taxi or else it can be called “robbery”.

What the F was that? Suffice to say I shot down the offer right then and there and had to walk some more under the sweltering heat of the sun ’til I got a decent taxi. Are you kidding me? This still pervades? Just because it’s the airport some drivers think they can get away  with taking advantage of their passengers?

They need extra cash because their earnings from taxi fares minus boundaries and gas are just not enough? These people were just under a tree, waiting for victims I mean passengers to come for them! C’mon!

I’m sure there are those taxi drivers with a high sense of integrity and I commend them, just want to earn pesos thru hardwork. But the truth that some assholes like those outside the airport are still part of the system is frustrating. BTW, i wasn’t able to get that damn taxi’s plate number. Peace 😉


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